There are secrets about hotel booking behinds the hospitality sector. Let’s check them out to limit the problems which can ruin your holiday.

  1. Searching on different OTAs’ channels (Online Travel Agent) and don’t forget to call directly to hotels to make a comparison and get the best price.

2. If you frequently visit a place for business or something, become a frequenter of a few hotels, so that you can get the extra benefit of nice location, price and other services from the staff.

3. Check in as soon as possible to avoid overbooked rooms (familiar to airlines, the number of tickets for selling is often higher than reality, the ones checking in most lately get more risk). But this situation rarely happens at 4-5-star hotel.

At Maple Hotel and Apartment, there are many spaces can comfort the guests while waiting for the rooms or checking out.

4. While searching rooms in the online channels (Online Travel Agency – OTA), make sure that you get this information clearly:

THE PRICE SHOWED is for WHICH KIND OF ROOM? Make a comparison, you would get the best deal!
The MAIN PROFILE PICTURE of the hotel includes good news of a good deal sometimes!
LOCATION – is the hotel located in a central place? This effects to the price!
BREAKFAST INCLUDED – among some hotels, there may be someones with prices a bit higher but breakfast included. Especially at 4-5-star hotels, the breakfast often counts, so the little price differences are worthy!
LEFT ROOMS NUMBER – the lower this number is the “hotter” hotel is at the moment you’re searching. It’s better to call directly to the hotel for double checking when this number is 1 or 2 so that you could avoid overbooked rooms.

5. Every hotel has many different kinds of room and extra services (free or charged). Besides that, please search carefully about the square, view, window, balcony or amenities. Those sorts of information must be listed, don’t be cheated by the photos only.

The 1st impression of your holiday often starts at the hotel. Hope that these tips above can give a hand to give you a perfect start with your beloveds.